What’s it like?

Ever think, what’s it like to be born in winter in Wisconsin? Ever wonder how women had babies in deeply cold and dreary December in the backwoods of northern America? Ever wonder how little babies — whether boys or girls — survived? I didn’t used to ponder these sorts of what was it like when we didn’t have electricity and cellular telephones until my car stopped running one winter’s eve and I got caught along a desolate, lonely logging road in the back country of northern Wisconsin. Then I wondered. When I couldn’t get a cellular tower signal and I couldn’t manage to get my automobile engine to turn over and I couldn’t see a light in any direction I peered; then I wondered — how did people survive in the dark ages?

No, I’m not the sort who lugs around a survival kit in the back of my car.

Yes, I own a gun but I don’t carry it. No, I don’t hunt. I target shoot — that’s it.

So, how did people survive? Perhaps the answer is — they often didn’t.


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