In the Valley of the Dry Bones

In the desert, the scattered bones begin to rattle. The camels grow skittish, sniff the dry air, move off with determination. One arm bone seeks a wrist while that wrist seeks its palm and finger bones. A finger – one index bone – pokes from beneath the sand and looks around. Despite having no eyes, the index finger locates a thumb and the other fingers that once are attached to the same hand. The bones of the hand join together, then find the wrist which is already connected to the forearm. The forearm then looks about for its upper arm and shoulder. Once together, these collected bones seek out and find the neck, the jaw, the skull, the spinal column and its many vertebrae. The hip just comes along with the leg bones attached to the knees and the knees attached to the calves and the calves to the ankles and the ankles to the feet and toes. The entire skeleton stands.

2014 Copyright R Jack Winter


10 thoughts on “In the Valley of the Dry Bones

  1. And there you have it kids; the history of what mankind has learned from human existence on earth. ANd like the Camel we move on with determination having learned nothing of value from our ancestors about our spiritual existence. Charge!! ( hee-hee-hee. . .)


  2. Someone has “reported my content” and asked me not to follow her blog but the thing is — I’ve never even heard of her or her blog, so no worries. Wonder what content she was so concerned about – the above is a retelling of an Old Testament event – when the LORD GOD made soldiers from dry bones. Hey maybe she reported me as a plagiarist. – Jack


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